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Concrete Vibrators

Complete range of Concrete Vibrators

ENAR internal vibration equipment is known for it´s high quality and performance. ENAR offer a complete range of equipment from eccentric, pendular, pneumatic and in head-high frequency motors to cover their clients needs on a global scale.

enarGroup electronic converter i-spyder

i-Spyder is a compact and efficient unit. It consists of an electronic converter connected to a high-frequency vibrator, that incorporates the same features as the AFP 42V Enar series.

enarGroup i-spyder - safe and reliable

Safe and Reliable

Safety shutdown
No risk of electric discharges

  • Protection against
  • Overload/Overintensity
  • Overheatiing
  • Short-circuit
  • Phase failure
  • Leakage current
  • Optional PRCD
enarGroup i-spyder - zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

Does not need spare parts, does not generate waste

Due to the electronic conversion system of the l i-Spyder, there are no parts that need replacement due to use.

enarGroup i-spyder - integrated casing

Integrated casing

with the hose, clean and ergonomic design

Modern and stylized image, the design of the case is integrated with the hose, making it impossible to accumulate concrete debris that affect the correct behaviour of the machine.

enarGroup i-spyder - quiet


Under 80dB of acoustic pressure

Perfect when the noise level is a restriction in work.

enarGroup i-spyder - IP67


Protection against rain and dust

Sturdy and hermetic aluminium case against external agents.

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